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About Barbara Adelborg

Hypnosis, Tapas Accupressure Technique, Emotional Freedom technique

Barbara Adelborg is a well respected hypontherapist and counsellor who has practiced in the Cowichan Valley for 14 years. She has combined her hypnotic skills with other complimentary techniques in order to assist many people overcome problems such as eating disorders, stress, tension, fatigue, addictions, sleep deprivation and pain control.

Her calm, competent and reassuring manner enables those who are experiencing hypnosis for the first time to relax and feel safe. This allows them to identify more clearly where they are now and where they need to be in order to achieve their personal goals.

Barbara’s CD entitled 'Relaxation,' has been described as "the best 40 minute holiday a person could ever take." The CD is currently available and we can look forward to her second CD soon.

Barbara is an active community volunteer, and a past president and 8-year member of the Duncan Business and Professional Women's Club. She facilitates frequent workshops from her office in downtown Duncan.

To contact her for an appointment, or to purchase one of her CD's, email or call 746-1969 .

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