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Hypnosis in film, television, Stage & The web

Hypnosis, Evil and Crime

"When a hypnotist appears on screen, expect evil. If his induction features 'magnetic' hand passes, he's probably about to compel someone to commit a crime. If he hypnotizes with an intense stare, his intent is likelier seduction-in fact many screen inductions are identical to the eye contact ethologists have labeled "the copulatory gaze."

"The most successful was the 1931 version (of Svengali) )with John Barry more in the title role. Numerous films featured similar plots of malevolent males using hypnosis to seduce and control hapless heroines "

"The second most popular application of hypnosis in film has been to compel innocents-male or female-to commit murder."

For the full text of this interesting article from the American Journal of clinical Hypnosis, go to Findarticles.com

Hypnosis in Film

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969 United Artists)

When James Bond rescues a woman from drowning, he finds that her father can lead him to his arch-nemesis, the evil Ernst Blofeld. Bond discovers that Blofeld has developed an infertility virus, which he threatens to spread around the world using 12 beautiful brainwashed women as his angels of death. Source: Hypno-movies

Our Man Flint (1965 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation)

The head of Z.O.W.I.E. enlists the aid of agent Derek Flint to stop an evil Galaxy from taking over the world. But when Galaxy's beautiful agent Gila learns that Flint is on the job, she has Flint's female companions kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming 'pleasure units' (here we go again!) to distract him. Source: Hypno-movies

Rasputin: The Mad Monk (1965 Hammer Films Prod.)

Disgraced monk Grigori Rasputin played by evil chracter actor Christopher Lee, worms his way into the Russian royal court by hypnotizing Sonia, one of the Tsarina's ladies in waiting. Soon, the Tsarina is also under Rasputin's spell. But his accomplice, Dr. Zargo, recognizes Rasputin's madness and sets out to stop him. Source: Hypno-movies

Hypnosis and Entertainment

Two "Comedy Hypnotists"

Boris the Comedy Hypnotist He promises to have you laughing in the aisles, while convincing you to purchase his self-motivation CD. Greg Steele, Comedy Hypnotist says "You will hear laughter from everyone as you watch your guests participate in this highly memorable hypnosis program. You will feel the excitement of the moment unfold as imaginations blend with creativity in this high-energy interactive comedy show."

These hypnotists, while providing lighthearted entertainment, also belittle the power of the subconscious to create lasting change for the better in anyone who chooses to participate.

Hypnosis on the Web

Another name for porn

"Website features best reality Hypnosis Video Clips of Sexy Attractive Woman Under Hypnosis From Around The World. This is likely a "bad neighbourhood" site and we don't suggest you go there!

"The Secrets of Mind Control"

Some sites, such as the Secrets of Hypnosis promise to be able to teach you how to control people without their knowledge.
  • How to easily hypnotize anyone in seconds! They'll never even notice you hypnotized them.
  • Almost "criminal" hypnotic techniques to make people do what you want ... when you want ...AT WILL

"The Authorities Want These Secrets Banned" What authorities? Where? If any of this were half true, why are not 90% of us already slaves to the other 10%?

Arguably we already are, but it isn't because of hypnosis!!

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