The Elephant
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The elephant in the room

The ignored, unacknowledged and unspoken negatives in our lives.

Barbara's approach. The elephant in the room

Unlike "The Secret," and unlike many other new-age philosophies, Barbara's approach is logical and sensible. How do you know where you are going if you don't know where you have been? How can you chart a course for your future if you don't know where you are right now?

Ignoring the problem and the root of the problem is like trying to have a tea party while not achnowledging the large elephant in the room.

For some, "the elephant" can be something that happened in the distant past, an event in one's childhood perhaps. For others it is an emotion or an event or a situation of more recent development.

But no matter what or when, it must be faced factually, giving it no particular power and it must be left behind as you forge down a new path of your choice.

For it does not matter when you start down that path. It only matters that you start.

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